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Dear Franny

Sep 11, 2020

Love coach Francesca (@dearfranny) is moving beyond the fantasy of ‘true love’ we have all seen in the fairy tales and is talking about actual love. Today she goes over 5 elements that define a true loving relationship.


  1. True love is intimate.
  2. True love is safe. 
  3. True love is committed.
  4. True love shows respect.
  5. True love is joyful.


This episode will encourage you to not only assess your past or present relationship but also inspire you to have the humility to understand that you may need to do some type of work to go a little bit deeper so you can really understand what's going on in not only your relationship but within yourself as well.

Want to learn more about true love and how to find it? Francesca is about to launch a 4-week digital course that will help eliminate all the unnecessary struggle, frustration, and heartache that can come with finding love. Students will also learn to  break unwanted dating patterns, how to get clear on what they actually need in a relationship, and what their non-negotiables are. The course begins October 1 but to get the VERY discounted price, make sure you sign up by September 20.  

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