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Dear Franny

Aug 19, 2022

It’s our 100th episode! In honor of this special occasion, Franny’s joined by her friends and manifesting collaborators Amari Ice and Aycee Brown. They each share their best manifestation advice based on the themes of listener questions.This is a special opportunity to get advice from 3 very different, but powerful perspectives on manifestation. 


About Aycee Brown and Amari Ice


Amari Ice is a gay love coach, hypnotherapist, and matchmaker who helps single men master their romantic magic by developing their dating skills, healing subconscious patterns of self-sabotage, and enhancing their romantic magnetism so that love becomes inevitable.


Utilizing his expertise in personality psychology, interpersonal communication, and romantic branding, Amari has helped over 1,000 men achieve emotionally intelligent results in love and life.


According to the Global Love Institute, he’s the first Black, gay, certified matchmaker in the entire love industry. Although he primarily helps singles level up their relationship skills, on the celebrity front, Amari matched Matt and Daniel, the first successful gay couple on the Married at First Sight TV franchise.




Aycee Brown is a Psychic Channel, Oracle & Voice of Truth. Through spiritual guidance, she offers tools that inspire and motivate others to look at all parts of themselves so that they can develop the awareness to heal and show up in their lives fully. 


Aycee knows that you were made for more than what you’ve been shown. Her unique wisdom and insight will allow you to step into the magical mother fucker you’ve always been.




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