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Dear Franny

May 19, 2023

Welcome to Season 5 of Dear Franny! After a long hiatus, host Francesca Hogi, aka Franny, is back with a whole season dedicated to the theme of embodying more love. In this episode, Franny reintroduces herself and shares exciting news about her recent TED Talk experience, which taught her a valuable lesson about courage and imperfect action. 


Franny also discusses the importance of connection and self-love, especially in a world dealing with a loneliness epidemic. She invites listeners to join her on this season's journey of experiencing more love in tangible ways and letting go of resistance to feeling good. Tune in to be inspired and empowered to embrace love in your own life.


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Cover art photography by Matt Romansanta

Cover art graphic design by Francesca Hogi

Theme music by Origamibeats

Edited and produced  by Bex Carlos

Episode graphics and show notes by Bex Carlos and Francesca Hogi