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Dear Franny

Sep 13, 2019

“We live in a racist society, so we’re just going to take our racism and our sexism and put it onto technology. You could argue that because we can hide behind technology we can even delve more into racism, fetishism and discrimination.” Did you know that college educated women face additional challenges in finding love online? And that it’s even more challenging for college educated women of color? And that it’s most challenging for black women? Doctoral candidate Sarah Adeyinka-Skold’s research on digital dating reveals the extent to which all women are finding men intimidated by their education, and how women of color are dealing with systemic racism. She and Francesca share how they met their partners and their advice for women of color looking for love. 

Sarah's Bio

Sarah Adeyinka-Skold is a doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests include race, family, and gender. Her dissertation explores the experiences of college-educated women of varying ethno-racial backgrounds as they search for romantic partners in the digital age. She was interviewed at length about her dissertation research in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the city’s largest newspaper. Sarah has also published research on racial formation among European immigrant and US-born white women in Sociology of Race and Ethnicity. Sarah’s future research will explore relationship formation among LGTBQ+ individuals of varying ethno-racial and class backgrounds, with a goal to produce relationship formation theory that is inclusive of race, class, gender, and sexuality. Sarah graduated from Princeton University with a bachelor’s degree in sociology; and also earned a Master's of Social Work from the University of Chicago. She is a licensed clinical social worker and has worked as a hospital social worker at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania for the last 11 years. In her spare time, Sarah sleeps, reads fiction and non-fiction work by Black women of the African diaspora, and watches Law and Order with her husband. Sarah can also be found laughing hysterically about something she saw on Black Twitter.

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Philadelphia Inquirer article 

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