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Dear Franny

Sep 25, 2020

Today love coach Francesca (@dearfranny) speaks about heartbreak and romantic disappointment. Whether you are the one that walked away from the relationship, was walked away from, or had your heart stomped on. This episode will inspire you to heal from heartache and disappointment so you can grow from the experience and get closer to having the relationship of your dreams! 

Francesca breaks this down into 3 main steps; 

Allow yourself to feel your feelings free from judgment

Do not villainize or put your Ex on a pedestal 

Take responsibility for the red flags you ignored 

Your True Love digital course enrollment is still open for a few more days! Class starts October 1, 2020.

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Cover art photography and graphic design by Francesca Hogi 

Produced by Francesca Hogi

Theme music by Origamibeats

Edited by Bex Carlos

Episode graphics and show notes by McCarty Virtual Services