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Dear Franny

Jul 31, 2020

Let’s just start by saying my mother is amazing. I’ll follow that by saying little did I realize how strong, selfless and amazing she is until I looked back at how she raised me, always allowing me to be myself. It is through her tireless pursuit of ambitious goals and fierce refusal to compromise her values that...

Jul 17, 2020

This week's special episode is a rebroadcast of the Purple Pants Podcast featuring our own Francesca (@dearfranny) with the delightful Brice Izyah (@briceizyah).

Tune in to hear them discuss :

  • How one can be open to the possibility of meeting someone and still work on their aspirations and goals. (And yes, this is...

Jul 3, 2020

“Anyone can be a creative. It’s just a matter of embracing creativity and taking on its identity.” Do you believe this? Do you consider yourself a creative person? Well, by the end of this episode, you probably will! Nadia (@nadiapayan) is an artist, mentor and guide who believes that the path to embracing your...